In the Studio:  Artist Stories

I have long been fascinated by the creative process of other artists.  Where do they find their inspiration?  How do they do what they do?  What does their studio space look like?  What motivates them to create again and again?  My In the Studio series, I take a look inside the creative process of other artists across a variety of mediums.  

Memoir Films

These films are a collection of everyday family moments and travel.   In this deeply personal work, I explore the union between light, movement and sound.  I seek to capture the intangible --- joy, gratitude, sense of place, the ephemeral nature of childhood, motherhood and family.  

Mini Memoir Films

My mini films were designed to fit Instagram's 15 second format.  They are collected moments of our life and family condensed into just a few seconds.  (2014-2016)