| 2015 - Present |

With my camera I have the power to stop the motion of water, an act that feels a bit like magic to me. While swimming with my camera, I look for the interplay between my lens and the water’s movement. I composed this collection to create an illusion of stillness, weight, peace and intimacy with the world above and below the surface. The series is intended to capture the feeling of a wave passing over the viewer as they move from image to image.

For some, water soothes and refreshes. For others, it creates anxiety and fear. With clean, uncomplicated composition I hope to evoke the power + poetry of water and invite the viewer to experience their own emotions and memories of the sea.

Each image was captured with a Canon 6d in an underwater housing off the coast of Maui (2015). 

For inquiries regarding prints, please contact Winston Wachter Fine Art Seattle.